***** Welcome to our new website. The highlights are listed below! *****

We are proud to introduce Mousegraphics' all new website. It has an on-line store for small quantity orders and it simplifies the file upload process for the “power users”. 


The “Send Files” button has been replaced by the “Manual File Upload” icon in the lower right of the home page. It will not prompt you for as much information as the old site did, so you will need to enter all your instructions in the “Instructions” area. As an alternative, you can create a pdf or text file of your instructions (or use a detailed purchase order) and upload it along with your files. We have a downloadable pdf order form available in the Guidelines section if you wish to use it instead of creating your own. Your existing account information did not transfer to the new site so you will need to register again. The file upload is available immediately but it will take until the next business day for "on account' clients to have the “invoice” payment option in the storefront.


The storefront provides the option to place your file in the on-line designer to confirm visually that you have the correct file and that it will work with the size you want. It is a full featured designer where you can add text, place images and purchase stock photos to create your order. Our online designer is able to accept and accurately display (and print!) sophisticated PDFs created from applications such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. Using the designer lets you confirm your order and gives you the chance to change your requested size to better work with your file; which can save you money. Because the files are completely print ready we can bypass much of our standard file prep and pass the savings on to you. 


Don't hesitate to call us at 480-894-1992 if you experience any issues or have questions as you use the new and improved site.